Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Disaster and Responsibility

Hello everyone...

It seems this week I am receiving many profound messages in my inbox that I really want to share with you. Today is no exception!

On Tuesday, I received a message from James Arthur Ray (you may remember him as one of the featured speakers on the Secret documentary). James was informing his subscribers of the horrific fires that were occurring in his area -- California. And he used this occasion to provide valuable information... on disaster and responsibility.I'm going to share with you part of this e-mail because it certainly answers a common query people have about the Law of Attraction... how would anyone want to attract tragedy, hardship, violence, horrific injury or death into their lives?

Here's what James Arthur Ray had to say about the fires and responsibility:

"These are the worst fires in California history, and San Diego County's been declared in a state of emergency. Regardless of where you reside right now, I encourage you to take heart and realise that pain is a signal to grow instead of suffer. Yes, difficulties will come in life... and don't get me wrong, the thought of boxing up a few valuables from my home is as unattractive to me as it is to anyone.

"Regardless, it's in the times of apparent challenge that we test who we really are. The Law of Attraction, which is so popular right now, states that you'll attract who and what you are into your life. This doesn't mean that we should blame ourselves for the fires raging like so many in the media have misinterpreted. Rather everything is your responsibility and nothing is your fault."

"Please read that again.
If you dissect the word (response-ability) you'll find it really means "the ability to respond". How we choose our responses is what we'll continue to attract, create and become. To think that your life will be challenge free is illusion. Challenges are the way we test how much we have or have not developed our ability to respond."I encourage you to take heart. Realise that in every challenge there is a gift. That's why in the esoteric traditions the Philosopher's Stone (another term for enlightenment) is always found in a pile of dung. Likewise, in Buddhism the thousand-petal lotus of enlightenment always grows from the muck and mire. Is there a metaphor here? Yes, there obviously is."The Christian prophet stated to, "Judge not by appearances."

"I encourage you in all situations in life to not to see them as a blessing or a curse. Rather, see them as an opportunity to test your level of ability to respond. To go "three for three." Think, feel and act in accordance with what you choose versus appearances."Ask the questions: "what does this teach me about me? What can I learn about me and the world from this situation? How can I use this situation to grow and become more?"
· maybe it causes you to take inventory of what's truly important in your life...
· it could cause you to open your heart and realise the power of helping your neighbour...
· or maybe it allows you to notice how your response is more empowered than in past situations...

"When you find the goodness and gifts in all life's situations, even the most difficult, the universe guarantees more goodness and gifts."

Whenever I read or listen to James Arthur Ray, I am stilled by his wisdom and down to earth teaching.

What do you think about his explanation of experiencing difficult situations in your life? Does it gel with you? Are you comfortable with his explanation? I would really like to hear your comments on this aspect of the Law of Attraction. Feel free to leave a comment or e-mail me.

My thoughts are with everybody affected by the fires -- no matter what country!

Best wishes

Friday, October 12, 2007

Plan for a goal

Hello everyone. Let me ask you:

Have you got a goal in mind? A goal you have got lots of good intentions of achieving -- let me ask you honestly, do you think you will actually achieve it?

How much of a difference in your life would it make to achieve your goal?

Maybe your goal is to lose weight, go travelling to some faraway land that you always have wanted to go to (like me and Mongolia), or perhaps it is to start a business you have been talking about, or maybe getting out of debt, and what about that new car you want to buy?

Are you tired of always putting your goal or dream off... are you tried of having a goal, a really important goal, that you just can't seem to achieve?

It's a well-known fact that the major reason why most people fail to achieve any real success with their goals, is that they never plan to achieve them. They may want to, and they may dream about it and fantasise about it, and talk about it, and read all about it... but the really sad thing is that their chances of succeeding without a plan is almost nil.

Over the next few days, really think about your goals and totally plan what you want to achieve. And in your plan, set up a system of follow-up and accountability that will help you put that plan into action and keep you on track.

I'd like to know what your goals are and the kind of plan you are wanting to put into place.
If you are not sure how to do this, and would like to throw a few ideas around, leave me a message and we can get you moving in the right direction.

With very best wishes