Friday, December 7, 2007

Blog location change

Hello everyone

Over the last few months, I have been regularly posting at:

So... Aspirations Plus Blog has a new permanent residence... come have a look and see what's been happening. Looking forward to seeing you there...

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Friday, November 2, 2007

Achieving Goals -- Being

We all have goals that we want to achieve. Sometimes they are really easy to achieve, and sometimes they are elude us big time.

There are lots of things you can do to make achieving goals a fulfilling and satisfying experience -- even those really tricky, pie in the sky, in my dreams kind of goals!
The first major step is to write down your goals in detail. Write down exactly what it is you want to achieve as well as how you will know when you have achieved it. (At this stage, I'm not going to go into this step in any great detail because it will be covered in another post at a later time.)

Okay... now out of your list of goals choose one that you really want to focus on. You are very clear about your goal... you can describe it in detail, you have written it out in detail, you may even have pictures of it (e.g. the kind of body you want, kind of car you want, house, job, relationship).

The next important step in this process is to think about the kind of person you would be if you had already achieved your goal. Write down the qualities you would have if you already achieved what you want. Write down how you would feel, how you would act, how you would present yourself to the world outside, how you would talk, how you would think, how you would interact with others, what values would you have.

If you find are reading this and thinking "I've got no idea how I would feel, and all of that above paragraph" then look at someone who already has achieved what you want to achieve and apply the above paragraph to them. And take your time with this because it is a very important step in the goal achieving process.

Once you have written down all the qualities... start applying them in your own life right now. Start Being the person who's achieved your goal. Start thinking like the person who has already achieved it, start feeling as if you have already achieved it. Start Being each one of those qualities right now!

This really goes a long way in helping you achieving your goals. Each one of these qualities is already in you, is already part of you but all too often we forget them. Become aware of the way you are Being now and Start Being an achiever rather than someone who doesn't quite achieve their goals.

I would be really interested to know what you think about this... so please leave a comment and share your experiences and thoughts.

Best wishes

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Disaster and Responsibility

Hello everyone...

It seems this week I am receiving many profound messages in my inbox that I really want to share with you. Today is no exception!

On Tuesday, I received a message from James Arthur Ray (you may remember him as one of the featured speakers on the Secret documentary). James was informing his subscribers of the horrific fires that were occurring in his area -- California. And he used this occasion to provide valuable information... on disaster and responsibility.I'm going to share with you part of this e-mail because it certainly answers a common query people have about the Law of Attraction... how would anyone want to attract tragedy, hardship, violence, horrific injury or death into their lives?

Here's what James Arthur Ray had to say about the fires and responsibility:

"These are the worst fires in California history, and San Diego County's been declared in a state of emergency. Regardless of where you reside right now, I encourage you to take heart and realise that pain is a signal to grow instead of suffer. Yes, difficulties will come in life... and don't get me wrong, the thought of boxing up a few valuables from my home is as unattractive to me as it is to anyone.

"Regardless, it's in the times of apparent challenge that we test who we really are. The Law of Attraction, which is so popular right now, states that you'll attract who and what you are into your life. This doesn't mean that we should blame ourselves for the fires raging like so many in the media have misinterpreted. Rather everything is your responsibility and nothing is your fault."

"Please read that again.
If you dissect the word (response-ability) you'll find it really means "the ability to respond". How we choose our responses is what we'll continue to attract, create and become. To think that your life will be challenge free is illusion. Challenges are the way we test how much we have or have not developed our ability to respond."I encourage you to take heart. Realise that in every challenge there is a gift. That's why in the esoteric traditions the Philosopher's Stone (another term for enlightenment) is always found in a pile of dung. Likewise, in Buddhism the thousand-petal lotus of enlightenment always grows from the muck and mire. Is there a metaphor here? Yes, there obviously is."The Christian prophet stated to, "Judge not by appearances."

"I encourage you in all situations in life to not to see them as a blessing or a curse. Rather, see them as an opportunity to test your level of ability to respond. To go "three for three." Think, feel and act in accordance with what you choose versus appearances."Ask the questions: "what does this teach me about me? What can I learn about me and the world from this situation? How can I use this situation to grow and become more?"
· maybe it causes you to take inventory of what's truly important in your life...
· it could cause you to open your heart and realise the power of helping your neighbour...
· or maybe it allows you to notice how your response is more empowered than in past situations...

"When you find the goodness and gifts in all life's situations, even the most difficult, the universe guarantees more goodness and gifts."

Whenever I read or listen to James Arthur Ray, I am stilled by his wisdom and down to earth teaching.

What do you think about his explanation of experiencing difficult situations in your life? Does it gel with you? Are you comfortable with his explanation? I would really like to hear your comments on this aspect of the Law of Attraction. Feel free to leave a comment or e-mail me.

My thoughts are with everybody affected by the fires -- no matter what country!

Best wishes

Friday, October 12, 2007

Plan for a goal

Hello everyone. Let me ask you:

Have you got a goal in mind? A goal you have got lots of good intentions of achieving -- let me ask you honestly, do you think you will actually achieve it?

How much of a difference in your life would it make to achieve your goal?

Maybe your goal is to lose weight, go travelling to some faraway land that you always have wanted to go to (like me and Mongolia), or perhaps it is to start a business you have been talking about, or maybe getting out of debt, and what about that new car you want to buy?

Are you tired of always putting your goal or dream off... are you tried of having a goal, a really important goal, that you just can't seem to achieve?

It's a well-known fact that the major reason why most people fail to achieve any real success with their goals, is that they never plan to achieve them. They may want to, and they may dream about it and fantasise about it, and talk about it, and read all about it... but the really sad thing is that their chances of succeeding without a plan is almost nil.

Over the next few days, really think about your goals and totally plan what you want to achieve. And in your plan, set up a system of follow-up and accountability that will help you put that plan into action and keep you on track.

I'd like to know what your goals are and the kind of plan you are wanting to put into place.
If you are not sure how to do this, and would like to throw a few ideas around, leave me a message and we can get you moving in the right direction.

With very best wishes

Sunday, September 16, 2007

My book now available

As of today, my second book "Outer Mongolia... no longer a fantasy" is available as an e-book!

It's been a major goal of mine for a number of years to get it published... ever since we returned from Mongolia in 1995... and my energy over the last few months has been very focused on seeing and feeling it published.

A summary of the book follows:
In essence, this book is about a journey to Outer Mongolia. It tells of a fantasy which became a reality. For many years Outer Mongolia had been a place I would retreat to in my mind when I wanted to get away from hassles and demands of life. I knew nothing about Mongolia, other than it was the home of Genghis Khan, but it represented a real spiritual haven for me. I wasn't even sure where it was located on the map, and yet it was easy to go there in my mind and the images I had of the countryside were incredibly clear.

My fantasy was going to Mongolia but my reality was that I was born with spinal muscular atrophy (type 1 B.); I'm in a wheelchair, have limited strength and have significant breathing problems. Travelling such a long distance from Australia to a relatively closed country like Outer Mongolia should not have been considered an achievable goal given my health and mobility challenges, but the beckoning of Mongolia was far too strong. I knew I couldn't do this journey alone... I would need people to assist me every step of the way.

Contrary to what seemed to be the logical and sensible thing to do... on July 15, 1995, Ro, Sally, Pat, Fred, and I embarked on a fantastic journey, an experience which impacted on us all. In 28 days I flew eight times, travelled on the Trans Mongolian Railway, driven through and over the Gobi Desert in a bus, slept in a tent on the steppes of Mongolia, touched the Great Wall of China, slept in a yurt, and saw a yak. I visited countries saw places, met people, experienced things which I never thought possible or would have done with the security of home. I went to a timeless land which opened its door, invited me in, opened my soul, and allowed my spirit to find where it truly belongs. I was challenged, extended and deeply moved at all levels. I had countless people helping to make my dream become a reality, and four wonderful, remarkable people who shared my journey. And throughout it all, I found that my spiritual haven is available, that it is no longer a fantasy.

The book has an important message: if you truly believe in doing something, and if it is meant to happen, then anything is possible whether you are disabled or not. With belief, trust, commitment, careful planning and use of resources, a sense of adventure and humour, any dream can become a reality -- no matter what your circumstances are.

It's available in digital format from

Check it out... and let me know what you think.

Until next time

take care

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Mentor ... part 2

A few days ago, I talked about what a mentor was and the role of a mentor in self-development. In this post, I'm looking at the issue of finding a mentor.

So, how do you go about finding a suitable mentor/s. Well... firstly, you have to think about what you want in a mentor... this is an important and fundamental step in the mentor process. It directly concerns what you need in your life.

Once you work out what it is you want, you then go about finding the person/people who already have what you want. Mentors can teach you through a variety of ways: courses, books, audio material, seminars, personal discussions. You don't even have to know your mentor personally... they just have to have the ability to teach, guide and inspire you.


-- In essence, anybody can be your mentor. Identify the key people in your life. Mentors can be family members, friends or even public figures, e.g. athletes, community leaders, who have had a profound effect on your life and how you live it.

-- Not only can you learn what to do or how to behave, you can also learn to avoid mistakes others have made, and fruitless paths they have followed.

-- Ask as much as possible. Ask people for advice, ask them how they got where they are, ask them how you can get the same things. Also ask yourself what certain people would say or how they would act in specific situations. The more prepared you are, the less likely you'll make a mistake in the future.

-- Find people with specialized knowledge. If certain people have written an insightful book on a particular subject or have inspirational life experiences to share, then they might be possible mentors who can help motivate you. The library and Internet are great resources for accessing material written by people you aspire to.

Have you got a mentor/s in your life?

Until next time...
take care

Sunday, September 9, 2007

My book -- "Coming Soon"

I had some exciting news last night... I was talking with a friend and he asked how my book was going... in other words, where's it at in the publishing process. While we were talking I decided to look at my publisher's website; I scrolled down to the "Coming Soon" category and much to my surprise... I'm on the list! Wow, I'm so excited. Everything is easily unfolding.

The publishing of my second book, "Outer Mongolia... no longer a fantasy" has been another fantastic example of how the Law of Attraction works... 13 years ago 4 friends and I went to Mongolia for my 40th birthday. I had kept an extensive journal throughout the preparation of and the journey itself.

On our return I wrote a book based on the journal and attempts to get it published were unsuccessful. For many years, I let the energy for my book subside... but earlier this year one of my major goals was to get "Outer Mongolia" published... I reignited the energy for it, big-time... I wrote my goal in detail, created affirmations, visualised my book being published... took the appropriate action steps... and within a few weeks of determined and focused energy, a publisher (only the second one I contacted about my manuscript this time round) was very keen to publish!

And now, "Outer Mongolia" has made it to the coming soon list --!

I will keep you posted with details as they unfold.

Take care

Friday, September 7, 2007

Mentor ... part 1

It is well documented that having a mentor is crucial for any kind of development... and many people swear by their mentors and credit them with much their success. But what is a mentor??

Well... A Mentor is someone who guides you, someone you trust, someone who is wise... who has knowledge and experience in an area that you are require for your advancement. A mentor can be your confidant, advisor, coach, or even your role model. Yet you do not have to only have one mentor... it can be different people throughout your life, depending on what you need at a particular time.


-- there is no single perfect role model -- many people offer different skills and it is important to look at a variety of people doing what you are wanting to do/achieve.

-- no single person can provide you with every answer... and that goes for a mentor... not one person can meet all your requirements. You need to seek the assistance from, and observe, a multitude of people.

-- no one is perfect, and no one will have all the answers... look at people with an open mind and take on board what fits you and what you want to achieve in life. People will make mistakes... so will your mentor... learn from them!

Qualities of a good mentor:
-- someone who will take a personal interest in your development and support you in the areas that you go for.
-- someone who will help you strive for your best achievements in all areas of your life
-- someone who will eagerly share their knowledge and experiences in the hope that you reach the highest level of your achievement
-- someone who is balanced in all areas of their life: physically, emotionally, spiritually, and financially.
-- someone who will demonstrate the importance of fulfilling all responsibilities for every part of their life.
-- someone who is a wonderful overall example.

So... how do you find such a person??... I will talk about that in the next post.

Take care

Thursday, September 6, 2007


I'm now linking my blog to MyLot...
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Monday, September 3, 2007

Website makeover

Over the weekend, my website, Aspirations Plus, underwent a major makeover! I had just completed my second online website course... and was into the third week of a graphics course... and I was so eager to put everything together to give my website a significant facelift.

Building my website was one of my major goals for this year. In March I wrote out 2 goals: the first was to get my second book "Outer Mongolia... no longer a fantasy" published, and the second goal was to build my own website (a huge goal considering 12 weeks ago I had no understanding whatsoever of HTML)... and I am rapt to say that both goals have been achieved!

Over the last few weeks my website has developed depending on what I have learnt... and over the weekend I incorporated a logo (which I designed) and the whole format took on a different look -- it feels like Aspirations Plus has arrived!

... I had used the principles of the law of attraction with these goals and once again it worked!

Take care


Saturday, September 1, 2007

What would you like to change?

If you could change one thing in your life -- right now -- what would you change? ...

... Would it be to get yourself physically fitter? Quit smoking? Or perhaps find a more fulfilling job? Maybe learn a new skill? Work on relationships? Reduce stress in your life?

I'm sure this is not the first time that you have ever thought about what you'd love to change... but take it one step further -- what is stopping you from making the change? What things/obstacles/circumstances do you see as preventing you?

Seriously think about what it is you would like to change in your life. Write it out in detail, what it looks like, feels like, and how different your life would be if that change happened now.
Then, write out all the reasons why you can't make that change become a reality... in other words, what is stopping you from instigating change in your life. Write out all the reasons, all the excuses (and of course they are extremely valid) why you cannot begin to move towards the change that you desire...

Then look at your list of reasons/excuses... and consider this possibility: the one thing you need to change is... your thinking.

Many self-development speakers and authors, including James Allen believe "let a person radically alter his thoughts, and he will be astonished at the rapid transformation it will effect in the material conditions of his life." (James Allen, As a Man Thinketh).

I'll leave you with another quote from James Allen "All that a man achieves and all that he fails to achieve is the direct result of his own thoughts."

If you would like to know more... you can send an e-mail to or leave a post on here. I would like to hear your thoughts.

Take care

Friday, August 24, 2007

Heard An Audio On Self-Promotion

Hello... it is Saturday morning, really overcast and about to rain, and I thought I would take this opportunity to write on my blog.

It's amazing how often something, or more importantly someone, appears in my e-mail inbox just at the right time. Midweek I received an e-mail promoting a business development book. The e-mail contained a link to a seminar playback and something made me press the play button. And am I glad I did.

I had never heard of Warren Whitlock from, but the title of his seminar captured my attention -- "The Secrets of Successful Self-Promotion"... I am at the promoting stage, both for my website and my book "Outer Mongolia... no longer a fantasy" which will be available soon.

I was captivated right from the beginning of this audio... Warren presented a lot of valuable information... and it was like he was talking to me about my needs at that time.

Early in the presentation, he talked about the importance of defining a niche, defining what the niche wants and needs, and the importance of giving people what they want. He also stressed the importance of the Law of Reciprocity, in other words, doing and giving to others without the expectation that they will do something for you. It is evident from the amount of information Warren gave freely in this audio, and what is available on his website, that the Law of Reciprocity is central to his being. I don't know how long the audio was, but it certainly went for over an hour. Warren gave me many new ideas to think about and work with, and also talked about many things I have already implemented. It was very reassuring to know I am on the right track.

His down to earth approach, easy and casual presentation was an absolute pleasure and I gained so much from him.

If you are in a similar position to me, in that you have a service you want to get out into the wider world... there is so much information available on the net that will give you ideas, confirm what you're doing and help point you in the right direction. But be careful of information overload... the important thing is to go with the people, or information that resonates within you. And always follow your own intuition, or feeling, about what is right or fits with you.

Take care

Friday, August 17, 2007

Mastermind group

We have often heard or read that two heads are better than one when it comes to solving a problem or getting a result.

We all know that we need guidance, inspiration and motivation to go after our dreams, to achieve our goals... more often than not, we need encouragement to keep going when the going gets really tough and our dreams and goals seem to fade away.

The bottom-line is that we all need help to achieve our goals.

Sometimes, however, not everyone in our circle of friends or family totally understands and supports our dreams and goals. Sometimes our goals and dreams are met with strong resistance, and are quickly dismissed by others. Sometimes we haven't got any one who really understands and believes in what we are trying to do, whether it be starting a new business, losing weight, going back to "school", quitting a job and becoming self-employed, or reinventing yourself.

Would you like to be involved in a group of like-minded people, where each person is wanting to get the most out of their lives? ... Where each person is working towards achieving their goals and dreams, and desires to learn how to become successful?

In such a group of like-minded people:
-- there is always someone to support you
-- there is always someone to talk with about your ideas
-- people in the group may have information that will be helpful to you
-- you may have information that will be helpful to others
-- it is a great place to get new ideas
-- you will have people to share your successes and to go through your mistakes
-- you make a commitment to stretch yourself; you make a commitment to take the next step that will move you forward toward achieving your goal, something that you agree to accomplish before the next get-together
-- each person is accountable for doing what they say they will do by the next contact. It is a well-known fact that people are more productive when they have a deadline and are held accountable to it.

Many such groups meet together on a regular basis; the Internet provides a wonderful substitute for face-to-face meetings. Members communicate via e-mail, and voice programs such as Yahoo, MSN and Skype.

If you are interested in joining a group of like-minded people, or you would like to know more, please post a message on my blog or send me an e-mail. It doesn't matter what your goal is, what your dream is, or even if you are unsure of what it is you want to do... it would not prevent you from being involved and gaining the benefits of support and encouragement given in this group. If you have got a slight feeling that this sounds like something you would like to be part of, or could do with -- let me know!

Take care

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Journal Writing

Journal Writing

Journal writing is a well-known and effective technique. It is a technique I use myself and frequently recommend to others, whether they be family, friends or clients. Several books have been written about the ins-and-outs of journal writing and the really good thing is you don't need any formal training or skill to do it... it is something everybody can do and benefit from.

So... what is journal writing all about? Many of us have major blocks when it comes to the thought of writing... "I'm not a writer!"...... "What would I write?"... "I don't know where to start!"... "What do I say?"... Does this sound familiar? These were a few thoughts running through my head when I first heard about the benefits of journal writing.

As a child, I had often kept a diary... to record what was happening in my life -- what I was doing, where I'd been, and sometimes to record how I was feeling and what was troubling me. My diary was a hit and miss thing... I would go for months diligently writing each day and then a couple of years would go by before anything was recorded. I thought it was just a "girly" thing to do while growing up... but in my 4th year of psychology, at Uni, I learned about the true value of journal writing.

Keeping a journal was a course requirement of one of my classes; the instructions were clear -- we had to write about our reactions and feelings towards what was happening in our life -- not about "what" was happening, but about "how we were reacting" to it and "how we felt" about it. And it was here that I discovered how beneficial journal writing can be. Once you get beyond just recording events, and begin to write your feelings and thoughts... this is where the real benefit lies.

Things to remember:
-- your journal writing is for your eyes only! You are not writing an academic article, or an assignment, a report or something that is going to be read by any other person but you.
-- because your journal writing is only for you, don't worry about grammar, punctuation, making sense, neatness, or sentence structure. The thing is to just write and write and write.
-- it is beneficial to date every entry -- e.g. Saturday 11/8/07. This is useful when you want to reread your journal; you can see how you were going at a certain time in your life and where you are now.
-- there is no right or wrong way for journal writing -- it is a very personal experience and you will find your own way.

How to get started:
-- get yourself a large notebook, writing pad, diary, personal journal, set yourself up with a folder on your computer, or whatever, that is specifically where you will do your writing.
-- you can handwrite or use a computer. Handwriting is a lot more flexible because you can do your writing in the park, in the car, in bed or wherever you get the urge.
-- find a place where you can keep your journal where no one else can see it or find it.
-- when you first start, your writing may feel stilted or awkward... but just keep going and soon you will find that thoughts will begin to flow and you will be writing almost automatically. Sometimes I don't think I will write any more than a couple of lines but once I get going it begins to flow and sometimes I end up with 1 or 2 pages.
-- it doesn't matter if you only write a couple of words, or a saga. Length isn't important.
-- in the beginning it can be useful to set aside a certain period of the day where you will do your writing; this isn't always possible because of commitments and schedules but try to do some journal writing each day.

Benefits of journal writing:
-- it's a great way get your feelings and thoughts out of your system. To offload. We all know how good it can feel to talk things over with someone but sometimes we can't get access to someone to talk to. It could be at 2 a.m. and difficult or inconvenient to contact someone. This is where your journal comes in handy -- it is always available. But please note, your journal is not to replace talking with someone e.g. your counsellor, Dr, or good friend or family member.
-- you may not have someone that you can talk to about your personal problems or feelings.
-- your journal is easily accessible at any time on any day.
-- if you have trouble sleeping, keep paper and pen by your bedside. When you have thoughts racing through your head preventing you from sleeping -- write them down. Once again it gets it out of your system and stops the continual thinking.
-- journal writing can help you clarify what you are feeling and thinking. It can help you let go of things that keep going around and around in your heart and head.
-- you may have something on your mind that you don't feel comfortable talking to someone about... you can say what you want in your journal without feeling embarrassed, your journal will not judge or criticise you.
-- your journal can become a very good friend!

I encourage you to give it a go... to see for yourself.

These are some of my thoughts on journal writing. I would like to hear what you think about journal writing, how you find it, or difficulties you have with writing. You can leave a post on this blog or e-mail me -- a link to my website is on this blog.

Until next time.
Take care

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Sunday 5/8/07 -- well... my web site, Aspirations Plus, is up and running! It happened Saturday morning after several e-mails to my Web host.
It's basic at this stage but quite an achievement I can tell you! Not bad given that I knew nothing about HTML 6 weeks ago! The colours have already changed since Saturday, and undoubtedly will change again at some stage. I will be adding to AP (Aspirations Plus) on a regular basis as I become more proficient with designing graphics, particularly for the background. And of course I will be adding all kinds of things to the resource page.
And all the links work!

Take care

Thursday, August 2, 2007

The beginning

Thursday 2/8/07 -- tonight marks the beginning of Aspirations Plus! It's been an exciting and fulfilling learning experience creating my web site from scratch and then seeing it become a reality. Hopefully tomorrow my web site will be completely up and running -- fingers and everything crossed!
I'm looking forward to writing in this space regularly... and I'm also looking forward to hearing from others.
Take care