Friday, August 24, 2007

Heard An Audio On Self-Promotion

Hello... it is Saturday morning, really overcast and about to rain, and I thought I would take this opportunity to write on my blog.

It's amazing how often something, or more importantly someone, appears in my e-mail inbox just at the right time. Midweek I received an e-mail promoting a business development book. The e-mail contained a link to a seminar playback and something made me press the play button. And am I glad I did.

I had never heard of Warren Whitlock from, but the title of his seminar captured my attention -- "The Secrets of Successful Self-Promotion"... I am at the promoting stage, both for my website and my book "Outer Mongolia... no longer a fantasy" which will be available soon.

I was captivated right from the beginning of this audio... Warren presented a lot of valuable information... and it was like he was talking to me about my needs at that time.

Early in the presentation, he talked about the importance of defining a niche, defining what the niche wants and needs, and the importance of giving people what they want. He also stressed the importance of the Law of Reciprocity, in other words, doing and giving to others without the expectation that they will do something for you. It is evident from the amount of information Warren gave freely in this audio, and what is available on his website, that the Law of Reciprocity is central to his being. I don't know how long the audio was, but it certainly went for over an hour. Warren gave me many new ideas to think about and work with, and also talked about many things I have already implemented. It was very reassuring to know I am on the right track.

His down to earth approach, easy and casual presentation was an absolute pleasure and I gained so much from him.

If you are in a similar position to me, in that you have a service you want to get out into the wider world... there is so much information available on the net that will give you ideas, confirm what you're doing and help point you in the right direction. But be careful of information overload... the important thing is to go with the people, or information that resonates within you. And always follow your own intuition, or feeling, about what is right or fits with you.

Take care

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