Sunday, September 16, 2007

My book now available

As of today, my second book "Outer Mongolia... no longer a fantasy" is available as an e-book!

It's been a major goal of mine for a number of years to get it published... ever since we returned from Mongolia in 1995... and my energy over the last few months has been very focused on seeing and feeling it published.

A summary of the book follows:
In essence, this book is about a journey to Outer Mongolia. It tells of a fantasy which became a reality. For many years Outer Mongolia had been a place I would retreat to in my mind when I wanted to get away from hassles and demands of life. I knew nothing about Mongolia, other than it was the home of Genghis Khan, but it represented a real spiritual haven for me. I wasn't even sure where it was located on the map, and yet it was easy to go there in my mind and the images I had of the countryside were incredibly clear.

My fantasy was going to Mongolia but my reality was that I was born with spinal muscular atrophy (type 1 B.); I'm in a wheelchair, have limited strength and have significant breathing problems. Travelling such a long distance from Australia to a relatively closed country like Outer Mongolia should not have been considered an achievable goal given my health and mobility challenges, but the beckoning of Mongolia was far too strong. I knew I couldn't do this journey alone... I would need people to assist me every step of the way.

Contrary to what seemed to be the logical and sensible thing to do... on July 15, 1995, Ro, Sally, Pat, Fred, and I embarked on a fantastic journey, an experience which impacted on us all. In 28 days I flew eight times, travelled on the Trans Mongolian Railway, driven through and over the Gobi Desert in a bus, slept in a tent on the steppes of Mongolia, touched the Great Wall of China, slept in a yurt, and saw a yak. I visited countries saw places, met people, experienced things which I never thought possible or would have done with the security of home. I went to a timeless land which opened its door, invited me in, opened my soul, and allowed my spirit to find where it truly belongs. I was challenged, extended and deeply moved at all levels. I had countless people helping to make my dream become a reality, and four wonderful, remarkable people who shared my journey. And throughout it all, I found that my spiritual haven is available, that it is no longer a fantasy.

The book has an important message: if you truly believe in doing something, and if it is meant to happen, then anything is possible whether you are disabled or not. With belief, trust, commitment, careful planning and use of resources, a sense of adventure and humour, any dream can become a reality -- no matter what your circumstances are.

It's available in digital format from

Check it out... and let me know what you think.

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