Monday, September 3, 2007

Website makeover

Over the weekend, my website, Aspirations Plus, underwent a major makeover! I had just completed my second online website course... and was into the third week of a graphics course... and I was so eager to put everything together to give my website a significant facelift.

Building my website was one of my major goals for this year. In March I wrote out 2 goals: the first was to get my second book "Outer Mongolia... no longer a fantasy" published, and the second goal was to build my own website (a huge goal considering 12 weeks ago I had no understanding whatsoever of HTML)... and I am rapt to say that both goals have been achieved!

Over the last few weeks my website has developed depending on what I have learnt... and over the weekend I incorporated a logo (which I designed) and the whole format took on a different look -- it feels like Aspirations Plus has arrived!

... I had used the principles of the law of attraction with these goals and once again it worked!

Take care


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