Sunday, September 9, 2007

My book -- "Coming Soon"

I had some exciting news last night... I was talking with a friend and he asked how my book was going... in other words, where's it at in the publishing process. While we were talking I decided to look at my publisher's website; I scrolled down to the "Coming Soon" category and much to my surprise... I'm on the list! Wow, I'm so excited. Everything is easily unfolding.

The publishing of my second book, "Outer Mongolia... no longer a fantasy" has been another fantastic example of how the Law of Attraction works... 13 years ago 4 friends and I went to Mongolia for my 40th birthday. I had kept an extensive journal throughout the preparation of and the journey itself.

On our return I wrote a book based on the journal and attempts to get it published were unsuccessful. For many years, I let the energy for my book subside... but earlier this year one of my major goals was to get "Outer Mongolia" published... I reignited the energy for it, big-time... I wrote my goal in detail, created affirmations, visualised my book being published... took the appropriate action steps... and within a few weeks of determined and focused energy, a publisher (only the second one I contacted about my manuscript this time round) was very keen to publish!

And now, "Outer Mongolia" has made it to the coming soon list --!

I will keep you posted with details as they unfold.

Take care

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Priscilla Palmer said...

You have been added to The Personal Development List. Thank you for the interest. Please, create a post which links back to us.

I appreciate the participation.

My grandfathers name was Gene May. I found the connection in names to be interesting.